Missed the Ambassador meeting?

You can read up on all the important info you need to know to get started as an Ambassador here.

The QAPITAL 2020 Ambassador manual
The Ambassador manual is your essential guide with all the important details on how to get started as an Ambassador for this year's monumental edition of QAPITAL. The manual contains all details on how to start earning Ambassador points, what rewards are up for grabs, how to get your hands on the limited hardcopy Ambassador tickets, how to make your ticket payments, and how to reach the status of Official QAPITAL Ambassador.

Download this year's Ambassador manual via the links below:

Short summary if you missed the Ambassador meeting.
In order to start earning points and sell the limited QAPITAL Ambassador tickets, you need to earn your first 100 points first by collecting the money for 5 or more tickets up front. Once you collected the ticket money for a min. of 5 or more tickets, you transfer it to a special QAPITAL Ambassador account (all details can be found in the manual). Once we have received your payment, we will issue you the tickets you paid for (including extra merchandise for every ticket), and you will be assigned the status of Official QAPITAL Ambassador. You can use your points in the QAPITAL Ambassadors Store, and exchange then for exclusive rewards.

As an Official QAPITAL Ambassador you are able to collect more tickets to sell, without having to pay for them up front again. If you collect more tickets to sell, you simply pay for the tickets once you sold them, and return any unsold tickets in case you don't sell all the additional tickets you collected. So earning points will become even easier when you are an Official Ambassador. All tickets (and merchandise) will be sent to you via the mail - and we cover the costs for shipping to you.

Meeting photos
We want to thank everyone who attended the Ambassador meetings to officially kickoff this year's Ambassador program. You can view all the meeting photos here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or WhatsApp if you have any questions about our Ambassador program after reading the Ambassador manual.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team, and to see you again soon!

One family,

The QAPITAL Ambassadors team
E-mail: info@qapitalambassadors.com
WhatsApp: +31 6 2734 6563